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Homeopathic First Aid Kit
  • Homeopathic First Aid Kit

Homeopathic First Aid Kit

Expected to ship by 2024

This homeopathic kit is a perfect addition to your emergency first aid kits in your homes or when you travel.  This kit contains 18 of the most common first aid homeopthic remedies in a 30C potency form.  Each remedy is in a 1 dram bottle, containing 80 pellets, and labeled on both the sides and top lid for easy identification in the handmade wooden case by Toadflax Woodworks.  

  • The following is included in the kit: 

    • First Aid Quick Guide written by Dr. Adams
    • Handmade wooden remedy case
    • Aconitum napellus 30C
    • Allium Cepa 30C
    • Apis mellifica 30C
    • Argentum nitricum 30C
    • Arnica montana 30C
    • Arsenicum album 30C
    • Belladonna 30C
    • Carbo vegetabilis 30C
    • Coffea cruda 30C
    • Gelsemium sempervirens 30C
    • Hypericum perfoliatum 30C
    • Ledum palustre 30C
    • Magnesia phosphorica 30C
    • Natrum muriaticum 30C
    • Nux vomica 30C
    • Phosphorus 30C
    • Rhus toxicodendron 30C
    • Ruta graveolens 30C
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