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Reach your self-healing potential.

About Dr. Adams

When I was 14 years old, I experienced heartburn symptoms every day.  I was prescribed a proton pump inhibitor, but my mother was concerned with the potential side effects as I was a very active athlete in high school.  That's when we sought help from a homeopath who found the true source as to why I was experiencing the reflux symptoms.  After addressing the physical, mental, and emotional aspects of my health, there was a clear picture of what lifestyle factors and remedies my body needed to ignite my innate healing capabilities.  I can happily say I no longer live with daily heartburn symptoms!  

This transformational experience inspired me to pursue alternative medicine, homeopathy, and motivate others to live a more holistic life.  Now, I offer virtual naturopathic consultations for individuals of all ages wanting to optimize their health through lifestyle and natural means.  

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Cold & Allergy relief

Lifestyle modifications

Optimizing digestion

Holistic Sports Med.

Acute & Chronic pain

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