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  • Complete the contact form and Dr. Adams will be in touch to set up a FREE discovery call to see if Vale of Health services are right for you at this time in your healing journey.​

  • Vale of Health Collections:  1-3 business days from date of purchase.

    Fullscript:  Processing will be done within 12-48 hours after submitting your order.  Depending on where you live, shipping can take anywhere from 2-5 days to reach your doorstep.

  • Discovery Call:  Free

    Initial Naturopathic Health Evaluation:  $300

    Individualized Flower Essence Consult:  $125

    Established Consultation:  $75

    15-30 min Check-in:  $40

  • A naturopathic doctor has completed a four-year medical program, clinical rotations in a primary care setting, and is trained in health assessment, diagnosis, and treatment of diseases with alternative & conventional modalities.   Examples of naturopathic alternative practices:  hydrotherapy, homeopathy, botanical medicine, diet modification, lifestyle education, movement techniques, and more.  

    Licensure for naturopathic physicians is dependent on the state in which you live, as not all states license ND's and the scope in which they can practice varies state by state. 

    I reside in Iowa, a pre-licensed state for ND's; therefore, I do not perform physical examinations, minor surgery, run & order lab work, or prescribe pharmaceuticals.  Instead, I educate clients on ways to promote health, advance their self-healing potential, and provide holistic recommendations that do not conflict with current care they receive from their primary care physicians.

  • Homeopathy is the second most used form of primary care in the world and is used safely and effectively in conjunction with other modalities & interventions used today.  This medicine is over 200 years old with over 4,000 proven homeopathic remedies derived from plants, minerals, animals, and tissues.  

    Remedy selection is individualized, matching the symptoms of the case with the provings of the studied remedy.  

    When you break the word homeopathy down, homeo means similar, and pathy meaning disease.  This is medicine is based upon the Law of Similars;  an item known to create symptoms in its material form has the capacity to stimulate our innate healing potential when given in its micro-dose form. 

    Example:  Red onion (Allium cepa)... when you chop up an onion, your eyes burn, nose is runny, and may sneeze... similar symptoms occur when one experiences seasonal allergies.  Therefore; Allium cepa in its homeopathic form can stimulate the body's immune system and result in a decrease of allergy symptoms.

  • You never have to leave your home!  

    Discovery calls are 15 minute conversations over the phone and is the first step everyone must take to becoming a client.

    Initial naturopathic consultations are done through Zoom or over the phone and depending on the case can last 2-3 hours total.  This visit encompasses a thorough health history, current health assessment, and ends with a care plan that we create together to help you reach your health goals.

    Initial flower essence consults are done through Zoom or over the phone, lasting 1 hour.  This visit assesses your mental, emotional, and psychosomatic concerns.  Your personalized Bach flower remedy blend will be shipped to you within 24 hours of your visit.

    Established consultations run anywhere from 45 min. - 1 hour for already established clients.  These meetings are done over the phone or through Zoom (client preference).  

    Check-ins are for quick updates (15-30 min.) and typically are communicated over the phone or through email.  


Fill out the form below and Dr. Adams will be in touch


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