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Dr. Sofia Adams

Naturopathic Doctor

When I was 14 years old, I experienced heartburn symptoms every day.  I was prescribed a proton pump inhibitor, but my mother was concerned with the potential side effects as I was a very active athlete in high school.  That's when we sought help from a homeopath who found the true source as to why I was experiencing the reflux symptoms.  After addressing the physical, mental, and emotional aspects of my health, there was a clear picture of what lifestyle factors and remedies my body needed to ignite my innate healing capabilities.  I can happily say I no longer live with daily heartburn symptoms!  

This transformational experience inspired me to join the holistic health field.  I attended the University of Iowa and majored in Health & Human Physiology with an emphasis in Health studies, gaining an understanding of major determinants that influence our health.  I went on to pursue a four-year medical program at National University of Health Sciences in Lombard, IL, and graduated with my Doctorate in Naturopathic Medicine (ND) in 2022.  My specialty rotation was completed among medical doctors in the suburbs of Chicago who implemented homeopathic medicine and continually witnessed the power of nature. 

Rooted in naturopathic philosophy, I believe we are self-healing, self-regulating beings that are in constant adaptation to our internal and external surroundings.  Each one of us contain a vital force -- the self-healing brain -- that is powerful enough to reverse, transform, and restore our mind and body.  It is my role as a naturopathic doctor to help ignite the vital force each one of us contains by addressing the foundational determinants of our health that are out of balance.

As a naturopathic doctor, I do not treat diseases; I nurture the human mind, body and spirit.
- Sofia Adams, ND

When I am not helping clients, I enjoy working with my husband on our farm, gardening, trying new recipes in our kitchen, and sipping tea in the mornings on our front porch.  I love capturing sunrises & sunsets, traveling to new places, binge watching TV shows, and reading the word of God every night. 

History of the name
Vale of Health...

Vale of Health.png

During the Spanish plague in London in 1918, there were a handful of people that escaped the heavily infected city and found a community that had fresh water, clean air, proper soil, and free of the plague.  These individuals settled in Vale of Health, Hampstead – a place where people had all of the essentials to thrive during a fearful time in history.  

My job is to help you find your own vale of health--- recognizing what aspects of your life need relief or attention to, while optimizing your environment and lifestyle to bring about long lasting health. 


Vale of Health Naturopathic Services is based out of the state of Iowa, which is a pre-licensed state for naturopathic physicians.  This means Dr. Adams' scope of practice is more limited than in a licensed state and cannot be recognized as a primary care physician in Iowa at this time.  Dr. Adams recognizes herself as a Naturopathic Consultant and offers virtual visits to people all over the United States. 

Dr. Adams does not complete any of the following due to scope of practice in Iowa: physical examinations, diagnosis of health conditions, run or order lab work, minor surgery, or prescribe/change pharmaceutical medications. 

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