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Dr. Adams takes the time to listen to you, and helps you reach your most vital self without you needing to leave your home.

You will experience

Individualized Modalities

tailored to your needs

Choose the consultation

for you

Naturopathic Health


  • 2-3 hour virtual visit

  • Assess your health history, family health, and current health picture.

  • Create a plan together to help reach your health goals (includes all modalities mentioned above).

  • Any homeopathic, botanical, or supplemental recommendations will be available via Fullscript, my all natural online dispensary.

Who is this great for?

  1. those who have "tried everything" yet still have not reached their goals.

  2. those who's labs are "normal" yet they dont feel like themselves.

  3. those who want to break the cycle of dis-ease and overcome the root cause.

Individualized Flower Essence Consult

  • 1 hour virtual visit

  • Select the appropriate Bach flowers that best match your mental, emotional, or psychosomatic concerns discussed.

  • Your personalized 1 oz blend will be shipped to you within 24 hours of visit.

Who is this great for?

People who suffer from: 

  • fatigue, exhaustion

  • concentration issues

  • grief, shock, traumas, fears

  • anger or impulsive behaviors

  • low confidence

  • insomnia, sleep disturbances

  • anxiety

  • and much more!


Two hundred year old medicine; derived from natural items, and potentized to a micro-dosed level for physiological, cellular, and whole body healing.

Safe to use in conjunction with pharmaceutical interventions.

Bach Flower Remedies

Essences derived from 38 flowers, formulated to balance our mental, emotional, and psychosomatic states.  

Safe to use in conjunction with pharmaceutical interventions.


Derived from herbs and contain therapeutic grade constituents in supplemental, tincture, or volatile oil form.  This modality can be implemented for mental, emotional, or physical ailments.

Recommended by Dr. Adams based on health evaluation as not all botanicals are safe to use in conjunction with pharmaceuticals, certain health conditions, and if you are nursing, pregnant, or may become pregnant.


Variety of water therapies studied to advance physical, mental, and emotional function.  This modality is commonly blended with herbs for enhanced benefits.

Recommended by Dr. Adams based on health evaluation and current health status.

Lifestyle Coaching

Health education, tips, and doable modifications that match your health goals.


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