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If you would like to submit a testimonial on how Vale of Health products or services impacted your life, click on the link below.


"This is the best Fire Cider I've ever had."


"This healed my sores faster than Neosporin and has made my skin so soft."


"Vale of Health's salve actually healed my skin.  My itching stopped, and the redness and bumps from the bites went away and didn't return.  This needs to be in everyone's home!"


"My favorite is the Rescue Salve.  It's super great for dry and cracked skin.  I can feel my skin instantly calm when I put it on.  I still use lotion I buy at the store for quick and broad application on my hands, but the salve is amazing for overnight repair/hydration and dabbing on racked and chapped areas.  Winter is coming and its always good to be prepared!"


"Holy moly, PhysiOil is a game changer!  I put it on my knees first night and again in the morning, and by that afternoon I climbed the stairs without even thinking about my knee.  My plantar fasciitis was 7/8 in the mornings and sometimes cramped at night.  By the 2nd night the cramps were gone, the 3rd morning it was down to a 3 or 4 for pain and today is day 5 and it is a 1.5 at the most.  This stuff is magic!


"I felt so much calmer, focused, and my airways opened."


"This is the best chapstick I've ever used!"


"Not only did I not get bit, but it lasted all day."


"This stuff works better than any "natural" products we have picked up from the hardware store."


"This tea is incredible!!!!!!!  I am shook right now!  I didn't even put honey in it either.  Its the perfect amount of sweetness."


"Dr. Adams has truly changed my life!  I came to her with various health problems and she has been able to fix every single one.  Doctors in the past just masked my health problems with pain relievers, while Dr. Adams actually got to the root cause of why I was experiencing the issues I was.  She is extremely caring and goes above and beyond every single visit to ensure that she understands what I'm experiencing and the best remedies to care for it.  I'm now experiencing life pain free and I couldn't be more thankful for her dedication and persistence on finding the best remedies for my unique situations.  The convenience of virtual meetings and her online dispensary made things even easier.  I would highly recommend her services to anyone!"


"Homeopathy has changed my life and I am forever grateful to Vale of Health for being there for me every step of the way!"


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